Global Forum Resources commissioned two artists to travel through China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia and Germany in order to capture key aspects of how the land and sea corridors that today connect Europe to Asia overlap onto the historical silk route of merchant caravans and travelers, how the silk route landscape and its main hallmarks are evolving into "The New Silk Roads" and how diverse local traditions and cultures can cohabit to allow for a flow of energies, information, goods and people.

Atelier Morales

In the works that we have created, “arrival” and “departure” figure as key leitmotifs representing the omnipresent road, without which the cities that we visited would not have developed, nor the life that evolved in them and in their surroundings.


The very cities, landscapes, people, cultures, religions, languages and economies that we encountered have the potential to give life to the perennial dream of planetary connectivity. We hope that in so doing the fragile balance between space, time and existence achieved across centuries will be preserved in this legendary silk road.



Venice 2019

"Personal Structures"

Palazzo Bembo


Travelling Exhibition