In each new and spectacular landscape or city photographed, we became aware that the importance of each site added to the beauty of its surroundings, a connection impossible for us to capture with our cameras. That is why we have supplemented our photographs with drawing and painting; in order to capture, with an illusion, the intangible aspects of this mythic voyage.

Atelier Morales


China, Wulinguyan, Avatar Mountain

China, Shanghai


China, Blinglinsi


Azerbaijan, Nohur Lake


China, Near from Lanzhou

China, Quilian Mountain, Tibetan Monument

China, Jiayuguan Great Wall


Uzbekistan, Yurts in Quizil Desert


Azerbaijan, Sahil Beach

Uzbekistan, Samarkand


Kazakhstan, Road from Almaty to Tamgaly


Russia, National Bank of Isthle of Courtois  

Kazakhstan, Charyn Canyon


Azerbaijan, Baku Seaside


China, Aibi Lake

China, Fenhuang

Germany, Hamburg


Kazakhstan, Otrar Ruins

Russia, Kaliningrad